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Today we live in the world of such an unprecedented pace and scale of changes. Technology is re-writing the rule book of all industries, changing core competencies for a business to survive as well as how businesses acquire talents. We monitor and analyze not only current leading practices but also what’s bubbling around the edges of each industry, and what it might mean for the future.


Career Mentoring

Since 2012, we have mentored over 380 students and professionals via 1:1 meeting on target industry/firm selection, interview preparation, and offer negotiation.

Start-up Advisory

With global management consulting and tech experience, we have provided guidance on tackling business challenges and addressing strategic problems in all aspects of business.

Recruiting Service

We help clients create highly effective teams and build strong future talent pipelines. We believe future of work is human and this is where we intersect between business and talent strategy.

U.S. Immigration Legal Service

We offer experienced U.S immigration legal services to businesses of all sizes, and people from all walks of life around the world. We help our clients with optimum strategies and solutions for their toughest immigration challenges.



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“As an individual who’s spent nearly two decades of my career in academia, I recently sought Jun’s help to better prepare me to explore opportunities to broaden my career and enrich my professional life via industry. I quickly discovered that not only did I quickly learn to value Jun’s advice personally, I also found myself deeply impressed by Jun’s skill and maturity in guiding others, particularly from my perspective of being someone who’s been on the ‘other end’, providing career guidance to many young academic physicians myself. Jun is thoughtful, organized, and attentive – and keeps close tabs on me, following up, and patiently helping me appreciate the perspectives and attitudes of folks at the other end of the table. Jun is direct and honest, able to distill ideas and issues especially well, and he communicates action items clearly and with aplomb. I’m generally not in the habit of writing many testimonials, but really wanted to share my feelings about how much I value Jun’s insight and advice in this instance. I trust that you’ll feel as I do too.”

Charles L.

“I have worn many hats, led many different kinds of projects in my company. It was a challenge to succinctly boil down my experience to a couple of pages, successfully conveying breadth and depth without getting lost in too many distracting details. Jun helped me address this challenge to create a resume that I can be proud of. Not only that, it only took a couple of iterations to get it to its final form. I am very impressed. Jun has a great career management and I am so glad he is putting it to good use for helping people.”

Sowmya R.

“How’d you meet Jun?
– through a friend who was mentored by Jun, he said it would be beneficial for me – given my desperate situation i thought the only way i can go is up so why not give it a try

What happened?
– Jun is very proactive, he is an active listener and when I told him I wanted to get into management consulting or investment banking he smacked me with realty and gave me standard reading material I should have read by that point (which I wasn’t even aware of at the time)
– the added pressure of not having an internship, hiring for major firms had ended, not knowing what I wanted to do was depressing
– he looked at the situation and carved out a path I could take, weighed out all my options and told me what I needed to hear

And then?
– I got an internship at a boutique private equity firm, and have more interviews lined up later this week (why not keep pushing if you’re on a roll, right?)

What did he do, who is he, and how did he help you?
– listen, I was down and out of luck – I desperately needed help and he was willing to guide me, he’s well connected and he’s been through it all, I loved that he’s brutally honest and that’s exactly what I needed to hear, I didn’t need anyone to be nice to me, I needed someone to show me realty and wake me up, I needed an action plan on how to solve the issue at hand, Jun helped me and I can’t thank him enough for it (I’m bullish on this, LONG JUN)”

Wilson W.

“I was looking for a career coach – specifically for resume building and chose Jun because of his expertise in product management (PM). He sent me lot of useful guidelines and material that would help me transition into this role. Jun helped me better understand the nature of the PM role and how I can showcase my skills to match up this role. Over a series of sessions, he helped improve on my resume providing me key insights and suggestions on how I could write an impactful one-page resume! I was highly impressed by the results and would recommend his services to new and experienced professionals. Thank you, Jun!”

Ishwari L.

“I worked with Jun on my resume and he was awesome. He helped me think of things that I would never have thought of that would attract a future employer to me. He was practical and easy to work with, and he gave me lots of great advice beyond helping me sharpen my resume. When I land my next job or others in my future, a lot of credit will go to Jun. Thanks.”

Krista Z.

“I used Jun’s resume service when I prepared for MBA Application. I have a very technical background in software. From my drafted my resume, Jun gave very detailed and insightful comments about how to refine items to reflect business values for MBA application. Even further, Jun provided a neat resume format template. Jun always reverts quickly, Jun works even late hours and at weekends for client service. I’m thankful for Jun’s service.”

Lea L.

“Jun helped me to score a full time job with Cisco! He told me tips to crack the interview and post offer helped me to negotiate!!”

Navaneeth K.

“It was like being given Google Map when I need to get to a destination I have never been before. As I was finalizing my life-changing career shift into Investment Banking, Jun was able to draw a clear picture of where I was in terms of recruiting process and that sort of gave me an ah-ha moment. Then, Jun helped me to come up with step-by-step action items to effectively and successfully finish the recruiting process. Before talking to Jun, I literally had no clue how to understand and deal with the offer letter since the industry was completely new to me, but Jun was able to provide various hiring cases within financial industries enabling me to set up a good baseline for negotiation process. Based on my experience with Jun, I have no hesitation to recommend Jun for his career advisory services as I am sure he will cater sophisticated personal touches on top of his excellent career coaching.”

Dominic L.

“I came to know Jun, when I wanted to be prepared for potential but unknown future transitions for my long-term dream. Since then, Jun helped me with shedding light on possible career scenarios and finding necessary steps. In particular, from his extensive network and diverse case studies, he provided great opportunities for taking the next steps, which I could have not imagined without him. More importantly, he always dealt with my case as if he were preparing for his own career. He proactively prepared, looked for my opportunities, and interacted with me, instead of being a passive consultant that does the task I clearly ask. I cannot appreciate his advice and help enough.”

Myunghwan K. Staff Applied Research Scientist / Adviser

“I was a late starter in college with huge uncertainties… then I met Jun. All his advice was practical and well-structured with clear short and long-term goals. Per Jun’s advice, I decided to take time off of senior year in college and gain internship experience in consulting and tech industries. His guidance on my interview prep and resume/CV won a number of internships which then finally paid off for an amazing entry-level offer – a senior data analyst position at a top tech company. He also helped me get a good raise off the initial offer! From an unprepared junior in college to an award-winning new hire, I can’t believe how influential and helpful Jun has been in my life. Sincerely appreciate all you provided me with, Jun! Thank you!”

Andrew P. Product Data Analyst

“Since the first time I met Jun I knew he was the right person to guide me in my career transition from Europe to the US. Despite of the difficulty of changing both company and industry, Jun gave me extremely beneficial advices to stand out my resume and success in my job search process. During my mentoring period, Jun showed me an outstanding expertise in career mentoring, providing extraordinary material to make the perfect resume and prepare every interview aligned with the company principles. If you are looking for a great professional to guide you in your career advancement, I am confident that Jun can help you to reach your dream job.”

Juan Carlos S. Powertrain Engineer

“I graduated from business school about 2 or 3 years ago. But I still remembered that Jun gave me a lot of useful career advice back then when I was struggling to find a job that could fit me well. He was standing at my shoes and helped me to analyze what could be the good options for me. Although I chose a different career path later, his opinions really helped me to think deeply about my career development.”

Eric H. Biz Development & Sales Manager

“Jun has been my trustworthy mentor and a role model throughout my career. As I progressed from my first full-time job at a middle market bank to another role at a global investment bank and eventually transitioned to the tech industry, Jun gave me countless thoughtful and actionable advice I could easily follow to make better career decisions. With Jun’s help, I was also able to negotiate my salary in my first year out of college. I have no doubt that anyone looking for career advancement will find Jun’s guidance extremely valuable.”

Yena J. Finance and Strategy Analyst

“Jun is a dedicated professional in giving career advice especially to those who wants to pursue a career in MBA, consulting, or product management. I solicited advice from Jun when I was recruiting for my first job, applied for MBA and explored for my post-MBA career opportunity. All his advice were always practical and well-structured. In addition, they were perfectly tailored to your needs, based on his careful consideration on your situation and long-term career aspiration. I am confident that his insights and extensive network can be very valuable for you in exploring career options and making a right decision as they has been for me.”

Andrew K. Consultant

“I met Jun when we were both interns at Cisco and since he has been a trustworthy role model throughout my career. The most valuable advice he gave me was to identify my top 3 goals in life and think about how getting an MBA at Duke University would help me accomplish those goals. Life is full of uncertainties and alternative paths to accomplishing goals, Jun has been instrumental in guiding and helping me on my professional journey since the day we have met.”

Lionel S. MBA Candidate

“Jun is not the type of career consultant who gives only the fluffy rainbow-and-sunshine suggestions that you can find on any random career sites. He shares his personal experience and provides the most practical, honest, and thus most helpful advice ever. From how to adjust one’s mindset to how to strategize the recruiting process and plan your timeline. He helped me tremendously. Strongly recommend!!!!”

Angela C. Product Operation Manager

“I am not prone to raving about people, but Jun deserves recognition for his flexibility, promptness, and constructive insight. He goes above and beyond to make sure you get the material you need and checking in to see you are staying on task. Even during the height of the busy holiday season when I was working with him, he continued to help me with my resume and was responding within the day. If you are ever nervous, as I was, when looking into having a professional review and improve your resume, I can assure you that you will be in good hands with Jun.”

Dani F. Photographer

“Jun has been a great mentor for me, started when I was at Cisco. We did a great project for Cisco’s new collaboration tool Spark, and successfully led nine initial beta customers. Even after my days at Cisco, I still work closely with Jun & Partners as they are advising me regarding market research, pitch deck, and various work for my new business development at the security startup, Insignary.”

Andrew J. Biz Dev at Start-up

“Jun Oh was very helpful to me during my career transition. He and I were working at Cisco at the time and I was considering making a transition out. He helped me secure a contact at Samsung, coached me through interview process, also helped me understand the Korean cultural norms, which were very important in the fit interview. I highly recommend Jun. He’s very knowledgeable, thoughtful and resourceful. I am confident that he will do all he can, as he did for me, to help you achieve your goal.”

Michael I. Global Strategist

“Jun is eager to help people in need to achieve their professional goal. His extensive knowledge, network and experience was a great help for me to design and reach out to my career ambition during and after my MBA. I am sure that my relationship with Jun is not gaseous and will last for the rest of my careers.”

Jin H. Vice President at Venture Capital

“Jun helped me navigate the recruiting process by giving me focused advice on how to approach product management (PM) opportunities. In business schools, there exists a lot of infrastructure around recruiting for consulting companies not so much for tech PM, although this is slowly changing. He laid out a clear structure of the skills, networking and interview prep required for PM jobs. By giving me a perspective of what hiring managers look out for in their PM hires, he helped me build a product mindset that I was able to showcase in interviews. Through advice from this platform, I was able to secure multiple offers in tech product management, including a Product Manager Technical role at a large internet technology company where I will be joining full time.”

Akshay R. Product Manager

“I would say that Jun is a leader who all tries to over-accomplish goals of himself and his people. He has strong edge identifying gaps between what’s available and what can be achievable, especially when it comes to negotiation time. I would strongly recommend that people seek Jun’s advise on every aspect of your search, regardless of industry, function, and region.”

Danny H. Supply Chain Manager

“One of the most valuable helps from Jun is that he has broadened my view on capturing new opportunities and pushing myself beyond my limit. When I was preparing applications and interviews for PM positions at Bay Area firms, he showcased how to leverage my strengths and networks, forcing me to come out of my comfort zone. To this day I don’t bother to head for the new challenges and call for higher roles and responsibilities. My newly forged “bring it on” mentality is largely ascribed to Jun’s coaching and whole-hearted advice.”

Matt S. Product Manager

“Jun’s advice was a big help in finding an MBA internship and a post-MBA job. He provided me with advice on how to brand myself for a career change and put me in touch with right people who were willing to share their experiences.”

Narae Y. Finance Manager

“Jun has helped me navigate the job search process as an international student in the U.S.. He has great understanding of the situation, the job market, and what the employers are looking for. With his career advice, I successfully landed on my dream job!”

Jun L. Product Manager

“Jun was extremely helpful in helping me advance my career! Thanks to his guidance I was accepted into my chosen PhD programme and have grow both professionally and personally. A great inspiration and role model!”

Sean C. PhD Candidate

“There are few people who are as knowledgeable about global career advancement as Jun. I had the opportunity to get coaching from Jun during the summer of 2017, and consider the advice that he provided instrumental in my transition into the technology industry in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, his network of C-suite executives and technologists were able to provide pragmatic insights that I would have never been able to know on my own. My only wish is that I would have known Jun earlier in my career!”

Ian M. Product Manager

“Over the past two months, Jun provided assistance in restructuring/redesigning my resume, interview preparation, and negotiation process. I wasn’t like any other general information you can easily find on internet; all his assistance was customized based on each company, industry, and position. And time-to-time, he even extended his assistance to connecting me with the right people at each company I applied to. Jun’s advice really allowed me to be confident, well-prepared and receive fair offers in the end. You are in good hands if Jun is working with you!”

Jun Hyuk C. Sr. Associate at Accounting Firm

“I first met Jun while we were both in the midst of preparing for off campus interviews at business school. It was clear that he took the process seriously and was focused on getting the job. Fast forward a year or so, and I found myself reaching out to him for help with my first book, After School. While interviewing him for the book, I quickly became fascinated with his dedication to his career which let ultimately to his path towards success. He had advice on how to infiltrate then navigate the corporate world for professionals of all backgrounds. If you’re looking for guidance on the next step in your career, I suggest you contact Jun.”

Nkem N. Product Manager / Author

“Jun has strong expertise in career mentoring. His career advice was very helpful to advance my career and realize what skills I need to develop further. In addition, his extensive network in various industries has been very helpful to find right career. I am more than confident that Jun’s career advice can definitely help your career path”

Ben Y. Venture Capitalist

“When I asked Jun for a help, he clearly understood and recognized my situation. He knew exactly what I had to do at the moment such as updating my resume, contacting recruiters, and preparing for interviews. He also gave me many useful advice to grow network and career development strategy. Jun’s extensive network and connections have been so much help to me up until now. I am so grateful that I received Jun’s professional career path advice.”

Yeonee Ashley C. UX Designer

“Jun was very helpful when I move to the new company in the US. I tried to move from Asia to the US and change the industry from the consulting to the healthcare industry. Changing both location and industry at the same time was not easy and negotiation with the company was very new to me. Jun gave me tremendous help with tons of historical data and in-depth career mentoring experiences. Thanks to his consulting, I was able to negotiate my salary with the firm and got better compensation package.”

Jay H. Product Manager

“Based on my past experience and achievements, Jun structured my resume to focus on “immigration” so that the viewer will get a sense of my strengths. Using the bargaining advice from Jun, I have my own office and a greater benefit package than I had anticipated.”

David Hyungsuk K. Lawyer at Law Firm

“Jun helped me realize the value in the skills that I have. This helped me become confident in my worth towards any company, which played a big part in helping me negotiate offers effectively. Before, I thought that I had no leverage over large companies when it came to negotiation. But I quickly learned from Jun that this is definitely not the case. The advice I received from Jun will be priceless as I progress through my professional career.”

Dillon K. Software Engineer

“Jun was my mentor at Cisco and he helped me transition effectively into Product Management. He really put things in perspective and his advice has been really invaluable to steer my career in this new direction. As they say Product Management is learnt through apprenticeship, and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor to start my career as a PM. Even after Cisco, I still continue to reach out to Jun for his invaluable advice on resume, interviews, PM or anything related to career stuff. His insights are immensely invaluable.”

Ankit R. Product Manager

“Jun is a warm-hearted and skillful professional in giving career advice especially to those who wants to pursue a career in product management. Two years ago, I decided to shift my career from a technical role into PM and Jun was most helpful during the process. Now I’m a product manager responsible for hundreds of millions of product revenue at a top tech company.”

Weiyun Q. Product Manager

“When I first approached Jun, I was apprehensive about opting for any such services. During my first conversation, Jun was quick to chart out my skills, professional exposure, and career goals. Jun was patient with all my doubts and helped me gather my thoughts in the right direction. Jun’s approach of providing the templates and providing pointers on each line of the resume I put forth helped me better understand ‘WHY’ I was opting for a specific field. I was impressed by Jun’s extensive background across multiple sectors and qualifications as it aided our conversations and he was quick to turn in all my documents. Unlike others, Jun passionately invests a lot of time in getting the best version of yourself and edits documents/communicates himself rather an assigned team. I highly recommend Jun to any body in any stage of their career trajectory.Thank you Jun for being such a fantastic mentor and career coach! :)”

Aarti S.

“I met Jun during my MBA when I am seeking a new position in the US for the first time. Before MBA in the US, I’ve already had 9 years professional experience in my country, but the recruiting process and culture in the US are quite different from my country’s. Jun exactly explained the reason for these differences and advised how to tackle those. Thanks to Jun, I could break the interview process, showing myself and my abilities effectively to the interviewers, and successfully get a full-time job here in the US. Jun provided plenty of information and tips, but the most important is his passion to help job seekers. I really appreciated Jun and strongly recommend him to job seekers, especially those from other countries.”

Se-Won P.

“Jun was very helpful in working with me to prepare me for the next step in my career. He gave me several tips on how to optimize my resume such as resources for action verbs and successful examples to use as possible formats to use. I submitted a revised resume after using the resources Jun sent me and he provided feedback on my revised resume and later went over each line in a 1 on 1 with me in phone conference, to provide further clarification if I had any questions . He gave his honest opinion for areas he felt were weak in my resume and provided suggestions for improvement. Even after our session, Jun continued to provide me with resources and advice in order to put me in the best position possible to get my next job. Jun is a great guy and I would definitely recommend him for any career-related help or advice!”

Eric C. Project Engineer

“Jun & Partners provided great support in a new global talent acquisition initiative that was kicked off this year at Smilegate. Due to our lack of direct brand recognition in US, his network with the universities as well as the MBA community greatly facilitated our search. Upon assessing our particular needs and goals, he was able to funnel amazing talent to our candidate pool that we would otherwise unable to acquire. With extensive and personal assistance throughout the selection process, Smilegate was able to select ideal candidates for the positions available. This was just a start for Smilegate and we look forward to working with Jun & Partners again in the very near future.”

Soonbin L.

“I am confident to say that Jun was the greatest mentor of my entire life. I met Jun when I was struggling to find a summer internship position. I was a junior in college and never had an internship experience before; therefore, I was under pressure to find my first one. However, my life had changed when I met Jun due to his perfect strategies. Jun’s guidelines were both trustworthy and beneficial. I could see that he tried to explain his strategies step by step, so that I could agree and understand the strategies. Jun first suggested me to do a part-time internship during the spring semester in college to start and build my career and give a shot for summer internships after the part-time internship. Consequently, I got a summer internship offer, and also I am building my career by working as a part-time intern during the spring semester. So, I will end up with two internship experiences when I graduate from college which is great!. Thank you Jun!”

Kravis C.

“Jun has been extremely helpful in providing career advice and finding me opportunities that align with my interests. I came to know Jun through a friend when I was not sure what career path I wanted to pursue after college. From the start, Jun gave me plentiful advices on how I should position myself in the job market and linked me with multiple internship opportunities. Through Jun’s referral, I started working with a startup in its marketing team, which is something totally new for me given my finance background. I am thankful that I had the chance to meet Jun and would highly recommend for anyone who needs career advice!”

Joshua K.
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